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Convert to a sealed combustion gas furnace or electric heat pump


  • Why is this important?

  • The way we heat our home can also pollute it. Smoke from wood, pellets or oil, gas or propane emissions, or ultrafine particles from electric resistance heaters can enter into the home along with heat. We want to make sure your heating source is keeping you comfortable and not creating a poor environment.

  • What should I do?

  • A sealed combustion gas furnace or electric heat pump are both excellent options.

    A sealed combustion furnace draws air used to burn gas from outdoors and expels emissions directly outside. This provides no opportunity for any gas or emissions to escape into your home. Sealed combustion furnaces are also 95% efficient or greater, providing an added benefit of lower heating bills.

    A heat pump operates the same way an air conditioner or refrigerator does but in reverse. It draws heat directly from the surrounding air and brings it into your home. Since heat pumps do not burn anything, there are no emissions to worry about. Heat pumps act as both heater and air conditioner, and are a highly efficient way to heat and cool a home. Ductless systems also remove the need for ducts, reducing another potential entry point for pollutants and home for pests.

    Another option to heat your home in a healthy and efficient manner is radiant flooring. Hot water is piped under the floor, heating the flooring and surrounding air. While less common and more expensive it is worth considering as comfort is unsurpassed.


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